Monday, January 4, 2010

CASO 2010 EPK - Call For Submissions

CASO is producing our 2010 Electronic Press Kit profiling member companies. This EPK will be professionally packaged and authored on Memory Stick for Domestic and International Marketing Distribution. Last year’s EPK made it onto the desks of over 500 animation and visual effects decision makers!

All interested members are asked to submit a company demo reel as well as 5 shots of your best work to be used in the opening montage. (Note: No priority will be given to member companies for the opening montage. Shots will be chosen and edited in randomorder by the editor.

Submission Requirements

• 1 Company Demo Reel – Maximum duration 3 minutes
• Best Of – submit 5 of your best animation and visual effects shots in their entirety
• Completed Submission Form with contact information and 50 word company description
(Please see attached)
• Completed Legal Clearance (Please see attached)

Technical Specifications

Best of 5 Shots

• To be supplied “bugless”. Note: supply full frame image sequences, HD 10 bit
uncompressed DPX files, 1920 x 1080, 24fps (*NTSC 30fps can be supplied if
necessary and upconverted to HD at our post facility)
• Bugs should be supplied separately as high resolution JPEG or TIFF files with separate alpha channels
• Letterboxing will be completed in the online stage
• Footage to be submitted on DVD or drive

Company Demo Reel
• To be supplied as a 3 minute edited piece. HD 10 bit uncompressed QT 1920x1080,
24fps (*NTSC 30fps can be supplied if necessary and upconverted to HD at our post
facility) or as footage on tape.
• Company logo burn in, in lower right hand corner is required
• Footage to be submitted on HDCam, HDCam SR videotape or digital files supplied on a

Please note:
*All shots/work displayed on reels must have been completed by the participating company. Submissions completed by staff members before their employment at participating companies will not be accepted.
*Entrants are responsible for their own quality control and legal clearance. CASO accepts no responsibility for material distributed without legal clearance or for work submitted with technical issues.

Entry Fees

The total fee for each company entry is $ 400.00 + GST
Payment must be received by CASO with submitted materials and forms.
Cheques can be made payable to: Computer Animation Studios of Ontario

Deadline for Materials:

Best of – 5 shots - Monday, January 11th, 2010
Company Demo Reel – Monday, January 25th, 2009

Please ship to:

ATTN: Paul Moyer
OPTIX Digital Pictures
157 Princess St.
Toronto, ON M5A 4M4

CASO will also accept additional IN KIND donations from member companies, consisting of editorial, graphic design, DVD authoring, DVD replication or similar production contributions.

For more information please contact:
Christa Tazzeo at the CASO office, 416.207.9142 or

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