Friday, October 29, 2010

Board Nominee - Lon Molner

It takes leadership to co-found and build a successful visual effects company, just as it takes leadership to guide a team of creative yet diverse animators on such successful projects as the Oscar-winning feature film Chicago (2002). Whether as CEO of Intelligent Creatures or as a leading Visual Effects Supervisor, Lon shows leadership in spades.
Lon began his career in graphic design but then caught a particularly virulent strain of a well-known bug—a passion for making pictures move. After cutting his teeth in computer animation at the Vancouver Film School, Lon worked on a dizzying array of projects across North America, developing a profound expertise in animation and visual effects. Commercials, MOWs, television series and feature films have all fed his inexhaustible appetite for professional growth and achievement.
Over the last decade he has been blazing a path of creative contributions on high profile Features Films such as Watchmen (2009), The Game Plan (2007), Babel (2006), Mr & Mrs Smith (2005), and supervised a team of artists on the stereoscopic 3D film The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl (2005) with director Robert Rodriguez.
Today, Lon is a leader in Toronto's Visual Effects community with a reputation for achieving filmic excellence by working with creative people, especially filmmakers, who share the same passion for detail and design.
Lon’s innovative leadership extends well beyond the Company itself. Convinced that today’s leaders share an obligation to develop the leaders of tomorrow, he makes significant contributions in guiding aspiring youth at various educational facilities.

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