Friday, November 26, 2010

From The Desk of Wes Lui, 2010-2011 CASO President

Dear Members,

Being apart of CASO for the past two years I have been fortunate to collaborate with Studio owners, executives, government officials and delegates aboard. As my involvement in our industry and with CASO grew, I better understood the passion each past Board Member and President had for our industry. CASO offers a unified presence to support the marketing and viability of our industry. Through the mentorship and integrity of the Board Members before me, I look forward to continuing the successful programs set in place while developing new initiatives with the 2010-11 Board of Directors. There are many new faces to the board, all of whom are very successful in their own right. I look forward to their contribution and experience as we approach the new Board year.

Our mandates for CASO will be to provide a community based marketing approach while developing specific strategies for VFX and Animation. Through this, we have also dedicated separate roles for communication in both respected fields. This will create a concentrated approach and allow for quicker feedback from our members to our clients and governing bodies.

All levels of government have been gracious supporters to CASO; their relationship is critical to each studios success. As such, the board has divided the varying government sectors to allow for focused communication and attention to each relationship.

Each Board of Director's have been assigned a primary Chair and will sit on a secondary Chair Committee to meet the demands of our roles and objectives. All of these steps are to ensure opportunities for membership participation. Whether members collaborate together on projects or with CASO initiatives to develop a growing vibrant community, participation from our members will be what drives our industry. Get involved with the various committee's, programs and trade missions - We want to hear your voice.

Wes Lui,
President, CASO

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