Monday, September 28, 2009

Call for Nominations

To all CASO members:

On October 26, 2009, we will hold the Annual General Meeting of the Association at the Veritas Restaurant, 234 King Street E, Toronto at 6:30 PM. At that time, we will elect the Board of Directors for the coming fiscal year (November 2009 – October 2010)

The Board of Directors consists of:

Immediate Past President
Vice President and Secretary
Six Portfolio Directors

The individual Directors’ portfolios will be assigned at the first Board meeting following the Annual General Meeting.

In accordance with the Constitution, the Nomination Committee will propose a slate of directors for ratification at the Meeting. If there are additional nominations from the membership, these will be added to the slate and, if there are more nominees than positions, an election will be held during the meeting. Send nominations to the Chair of the Nominating Committee at least two weeks prior to the meeting. Please send them to: with copy to

specifying the position of nomination: President, Vice President and Secretary or Director.

(a) Active members not able to attend the Annual Meeting in person may request the Nominating Committee to provide telephone or internet conference facilities at the Meeting to permit them to cast their vote(s). Votes cast by means of such a facility shall be included in the determining the results of any vote at the Meeting.

Ron Estey,
Chair/Nomination Committee

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